It’s a Moody Teen Christmas …

Nah, it’s not really toooooo bad! Just different. It seems the days of growing anticipatory excitement for the arrival of Santa Claus have drawn to an end, sadly. As have the early morning awakenings, the uninhibited exhibition of pure joy and thankfulness, and the impatient tearing and tossing of all that brightly colored gift wrap! I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t miss it. This Christmas morning I woke up before my kids. I sat in the kitchen sipping my coffee and waiting patiently for one of them to emerge from their slumber and make their way down

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Quick Trip on the Anxiety Train … again

Back to the social anxiety. Have been doing pretty well for the past few months, no major breakdowns or panic attacks, but as all other good things, it just couldn’t last forever. I’ve been feeling pretty anxious lately — and depressed, on and off — some days are better than others and most times I’ve been able to muddle through as I always have, but this time of year gets really difficult for me and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to stuff it all down, even with the therapy sessions and the loving support I have this year. So, clearly, the

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As the Chapter Closes

December, already. So much has been going on this year that it’s no wonder it almost feels like it went from January to December in just a few weeks’ time! Lack of funds caused me to procrastinate on Christmas shopping (and of course, finding the spirit), so I’m now doing the “OMG it’s Christmastime” shuffle! Keeping it a bit lean this year in anticipation of having a lot of expenses in the coming new year. Thankfully, my kids are all old enough to be able to understand. Had a fabulous birthday weekend with my love and her family. She surprised

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