Brilliance Lost: A Short Tale of Driving Home

So I’m driving home from work the other day, and as is customary with me, there are millions of thoughts racing through my head, scenarios being played out, flashbacks popping in from past experiences — suddenly I find myself mentally narrating through the most awesome opening paragraph for my story! Fabulous! It was completely inspired. It filled me with the warmest sense of pride, accomplishment and belief in myself that I’ve felt in years. It’s gone now. My brain moves too dang fast to hold onto that beautiful narration long enough to get home and get it down. This is

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Work in the Real World: What I’ve Learned

Yes, I realize it’s been a little while. At this point, it should be obvious I’m prone to taking hiatuses … LOL I have been working the past six weeks or so. At an office building. In the real world. Doing the highway commute. Racing the clock. Counting down the minutes at the end of every day. In doing so, I’ve made some observations: I don’t like wearing dress clothes on the daily. They are way beyond by comfort zone. I feel like a clown or a kid playing dress-up. It puts me out of sorts. I feel all kinds

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