Another Day, Another Application

Early riser that I am, I’ve already perused the job listings this morning, tagged the ones I was interested in and presumably qualified for, registered for required background clearances pursuant to said applications and wherever possible finalized and submitted them — all on my phone. What a pain in the posterior!! I highly recommend avoiding getting stuck conducting all your business via a smartphone! All these websites that immediately convert you to their (non-informational, watered down, irrelevant) mobile versions are super annoying. Even more annoying is when they offer NO OPTION to switch to “full site” view! Come on, people…

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….no more computer

The story is too long to type out here on my phone, but suffice it to say that the powers that be decided I neither needed nor deserved a laptop…. sigh. So another hiatus coming up, as well as probably having to drop the courses I was supposed to be starting in August, and not being able to uphold my end of a short-term work contract. Thanks universe. So excited to be moving to a higher rent place with no income and no tool with which to find and/or create any income. Gonna be sadly interesting.

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