Historic jackpot of $1,568,400,000 last night in the multi-state Powerball lottery game has been won! Congratulations to to all those who beat the odds of 1 in 292.2 million – sadly, I wasn’t one of them. The winning numbers: 08 27 34 04 19 PB 10 PP 02 After rolling over 19 times, Powerball Fever grew stronger. Realistically, with those kind of odds, I wasn’t even after the jackpot, I’d have been happy with a couple hundred thousand — enough to buy a home outright. Oh well, the jackpot resets and it all begins again. To all those who won a large

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Projects, Graduates, Decisions, Oh My!

This morning my middle child – a senior in high school – broke down in the car before school. She’s stressed, overwhelmed and basically scared of the unknown after high school. Her entire educational career she has literally been a straight A student. I don’t think she has *ever* brought home a grade lower than a 92 on a report card. Tears streaming down her face, she says she just wants to fail school. She is stressed over everything — all the projects for school, college applications, financial aid processes, the seeming permanence of having to choose a career path.

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Brr! and stuff…

I was really seriously enjoying all the unseasonably warm weather we had throughout December! It would have been nice to have snow on Christmas, but honestly, I rather liked that we weren’t freezing. But today – oy, today, – it’s way too cold!! Woke up this morning to find the thermometer reading a whole 11 degrees Fahrenheit! 11! Just last week it was almost 70! I’m looking forward to the weekend when “they” claim we will be hitting the 50s again. I can feel the germs multiplying in the air all around me. This is the sort of yo-yo weather pattern

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