TBQH: Teenagers Today Suck

This sign hung on our fridge pretty much the entire time I was growing up. I found it a home in my own kitchen both because of the emotional connection with my mom and because it’s true. I’m not getting paid to clean up after these kids. It wasn’t so much an issue when they were itty bitty — but we are now talking about teenagers and young adults. I’m going completely mad crazy over the lack of respect, outright defiance and just total disregard for anyone’s time but their own. How on earth did my sweet, caring, loving little

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Facebook: The Epitome of Peer Pressure

The value of your life and its activities is not determined by the number of likes on your Facebook posts and photos. I don’t know how many times a week, day or hour I think this exact thing after scrolling through my newsfeed and seeing the things people post. Facebook is not the be all end all determinant of the quality of your life or existence — yet it seems that for many, it is used to measure exactly that. It both saddens and frustrates me that there are people who base their life choices and the value of their

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Working with Anxiety: Arrrgghhhh

I’m feeling the strain especially hard these days. The contract work I’ve been doing the past year or two has fizzled out and the bank account is working its way down to zero — yet the bills continue to accrue. The simple fact that I need to find another way to bring in some money in order to continue to live is obviously presenting itself as yet another stressor in regard to my already moderate to severe anxiety levels. I think I’ve mentioned in the recent past that I am back on medication (sertraline HCI – the generic equivalent of Zoloft®)‎,

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