The feeding frenzy for transcription files continues. So far this morning I have done the dishes, bleached the counters, wiped down the washing machine, scheduled my dog’s grooming appointment and refreshed the transcription queue about a gazillion times. Now, here I am – about to give up for the day, or at least until much later in the day. Maybe “dinner time” will allow me to snag a workable file. Until then, I guess I’ll putter ’round the house, write this blog post, maybe write a few creative pages? Advertisements

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Writing Prompts

Ok. So, I’m situated on the couch today, trying desperately to find a transcription file that isn’t total hell to work on in the middle of a feeding frenzy due to recent shortages in the work queue, so that I can earn at least a couple of bucks this week, and, I’m going to be honest, I’m failing miserably. Files are flying off the queue and coming back repeatedly due to difficult audio and accents and I’m basically getting nowhere. Next browser tab (because, really, who ever doesn’t have a million open tabs at any given time these days?!), I

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