Reblog: Suicidal thoughts, a faulty system, and societal shaming, oh my…

Today is World Mental Health Day.

Not unlike any other day, I was poking around the internet-sphere in search of comforting, explanatory, or otherwise related information on things I struggle with – mental health overall, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, depression, and so on. I came upon this blog post and am reblogging because it is both uber-relatable and a good read. Much thanks to its author.

Love & Light,

There Ain’t No Atlas.

If you’re reading this on your phone, I suggest turning it on its side and reading it that way because it looks better and is much more palatable.

I know I already posted the interview today but I saw this article and had to link to it because I have been seeing a lot of people echo this in regards to their personal experiences and I think we don’t discuss it enough as a society. It seems as if we always have enough energy and time to make simplistic statements about how suicide is 4.pnga “permanent solution to a temporary problem” and those struggling with suicidal ideation simply need to “get help” as if there is some infallible checklist and, if they just complete it, they won’t commit suicide.

I think about suicide, a lot, and I think the reason people are eager to write it off with a simple…

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