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Hey ya’ll, this is gonna be a bit of a shameless plug here this morning. I’m embarking upon a rededication of sorts. “To what?” you may ask. This blog. My writing. My hopes. My dreams. A minimum of one new post a week is being promised. So, if you pop in and find anything here amusing (even this shameless plug post itself!), please be a dear and “like” our Facebook page or “follow” us on Twitter! Of all the social media accounts, those are the two most actively updated. Would love you see you around! All my best, M.A.Y. Advertisements

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Tank Love: FreeMaX Fireluke Mesh

Ohhh, I added a new category here. Vape. And today I thought I’d give a shout out to my newfound favorite sub-ohm tank: the Fireluke Mesh by FreeMaX. I’m on day six with this thing and I’m pretty hard on tanks and coils. Like, seriously, I’ve tried too many in the past gazillion years, and lately my coils are burning out in a day or two without fail. (Yes, I prime. Yes, I break them in. Yes, I’ve tried RDAs, RBAs and RTAs too.) It’s very frustrating. Not even sure how I came about it but, ran into some reviews

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Stressing Life

Ever have one of those days where nothing seems to go right and you just want to hit a reset button and start over? Yeah. I think my whole life at this point is one of those days. Every time I resolve to set my mind on the positive and work toward something better, another wrench comes flying in from one direction or another and I end up even more lost and confused. Current struggles are touching in areas of health and home(lessness).  I’m thinking it’s going to be a long, painful, stressful spring and summer around here. I wonder

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