at it again!

Yep. I’ve been doing a little tweaking again. Same basic set up but a slightly cleaner framework. Also took a few minutes to add a bit to my About page — though I’m still not really happy with it. It feels really weird trying to decide what to put on there… I am kind of missing the colored category tags I had before — will have to see, but mostly, I’m kind of liking where it’s heading at the moment.


Finally got some sleep, which is fan-tab-u-lous! I was wearing myself pretty thin walking around in a zombie-like state there for a while. It’s been a slow week with work which has got me spending a lot more time reading up on social media and anxiety links. I may be pulling an article together to highlight my findings in the coming weeks. I can’t make any promises, but thought I’d mention it! 🙂

Your thoughts, comments or suggestions are always appreciated!

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