Brilliance Lost: A Short Tale of Driving Home

So I’m driving home from work the other day, and as is customary with me, there are millions of thoughts racing through my head, scenarios being played out, flashbacks popping in from past experiences — suddenly I find myself mentally narrating through the most awesome opening paragraph for my story!

Fabulous! It was completely inspired. It filled me with the warmest sense of pride, accomplishment and belief in myself that I’ve felt in years.

It’s gone now. My brain moves too dang fast to hold onto that beautiful narration long enough to get home and get it down.

This is not the first time, and surely not the last time. I hate my brain. I always feel like it’s working against me instead of with me.

Why do these things always come to me when I’m driving? How am I supposed to do anything with it when I’m in the midst of rush hour traffic and trying to keep myself from rear-ending some poor person or drifting off into someone’s living room or storefront?! Why can’t I hold on to them long enough to get somewhere safe and get them out for future use?

It’s maddening. Simply, Completely, Utterly, Maddening.

Anyone else have these issues? Any ideas on how to embrace and record these sparks of brilliance for use when I’m not barreling down a crowded highway?


Your thoughts, comments or suggestions are always appreciated!

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