Brr! and stuff…

I was really seriously enjoying all the unseasonably warm weather we had throughout December! It would have been nice to have snow on Christmas, but honestly, I rather liked that we weren’t freezing. But today – oy, today, – it’s way too cold!! Woke up this morning to find the thermometer reading a whole 11 degrees Fahrenheit! 11! Just last week it was almost 70! I’m looking forward to the weekend when “they” claim we will be hitting the 50s again.

I can feel the germs multiplying in the air all around me. This is the sort of yo-yo weather pattern that gets everyone laid up with colds, flu and bronchitis. I feel like I’ve been fighting the fringes of a sinus infection for days now and everyone in the house is complaining about constant headaches. It probably doesn’t help that during the last round of torrential downpours our kitchen ceiling started leaking (again) and it made its way into the cabinet which, of course, resulted in mold growth. We have it sealed off for now, pending the owner’s insurance inspection, but — gross! Probably not super safe either.

Hopefully we will be moving this summer. Renting is frustrating. I miss the beach.

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