“Sadness” – Noah Cyrus

Current situation: thoroughly enjoying this tune. Though I really feel way too old to be… Love & Light Advertisements

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Despondently Yours …

I would love to be here saying that during my recent absence I was prolifically productive: pounding at the keys, word after word, sentence after sentence, paragraph after paragraph. Alas, that is not the case. Not even sure where my head is at this point. I am “un-ing” along. Unfeeling. Unaware. Uninspired. Unsure. Undead. Going through the motions. Waking up each morning in a brain fog on autopilot. Coffee. Feed dog. Take dog out. Smoke two cigarettes. More coffee. Log into work. Check on classes. Start work. Work. Work. Work. Schoolwork. Dinner. Sometimes more work or more schoolwork, sometimes TV

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Renewal of Hope

at just the right time. Tonight I had the pleasure of watching & listening to Michael Franti & Spearhead’s livestream on YouTube. The excitement, the words, the music, the sense of love and humanity, the message(s)… I listen to this music almost every day it seems but there was just something about the livestream that touched my heart and soul in a bit of a different way. And the new songs? Top of my playlist the day they drop. Emotional cleansing, of a sort? The past couple of weeks have been such a sh*tshow and I’ve been feeling so defeated

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