What do you like reading or watching?

Why does it seem like it is so much more acceptable to flip on a tv or screen of some sort and passively allow someone else to share their vision of a story than it is to open up a book, read the words and create our own vision?

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Let’s Share Ideas!

September 10th, according to my calendar of obscure holidays, is National Swap Ideas Day. I didn’t want to just make an assumption about what that meant, so I let my fingers do the talking (walking?) and drilled Google to gather some answers. What is National Swap Ideas Day? One of over 1500 annually observed national days. Though I wasn’t able to find any definitive answer as to the creator of this national day, several sites suggested that it might have been Mr. Robert Birch, who they are also crediting with the creation of such other interesting days as Trivia Day,

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Oh my aching back

It’s been another long day here. I barely got my hours in for my regular work, let alone managed to do much related to my writing. Spent four hours basically sitting in the car (as a favor for family) and between that and the odd ways in which I contort myself every other day of the week in order to get things done, it’s definitely taking a toll on me. I’m in so much pain — the part of my back sort of between my shoulder blades and down the center — that I had to call upon one of

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