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I’ve been thinking about upgrading our phones for the past month and I’m about ready to go ahead and take the plunge, but I really want to have a decent case ready and waiting for when it gets here. I’m a little ridiculous about that, because I’ve found that the better it’s protected while you’re using it, the higher the resale value when you’re ready to move on. Though, honestly, I haven’t been re-selling and I haven’t been upgrading the way I used to in the beginning.

These days, it’s more like, one or two of us get a new phone and the rest get a hand-me-down “upgrade” device. But I skipped a couple of releases.

To emphasize that point, I’m still plugging away on an iPhone 5 and my DW is still on the iPhone 4s. My oldest child is still on the 4 and irritated about it because she doesn’t get iOS updates anymore. There’s even a 3GS floating around here that I’ve used as a back-up from time to time! It’s definitely time to move up.

Yes, we are sticking with iPhone. No, we aren’t Apple fanatics. I’ve tried Android products in the past, and more recently a Galaxy Tab 4, and I just don’t like the platform. iPhones are pretty straightforward — no fuss, no muss.

So anyway. I’ve been very happy in the past with my Incipio Stashback, but it appears they aren’t making them anymore.

DW is happy with her Incipio Stowaway, so that’s easy enough since those are available for iPhone 6s.

It’s just me holding up the works.

I looked at the Otterbox Commuter Series Wallet, since it is pretty similar to the Stashback, but I’m irritated that the slipcover has a logo hole in it. Honestly, I don’t get the need to encase your phone in protection only to leave a big hole to show off the logo. Who the heck cares about the logo?! Granted, it will be hidden by the outer shell of the case, but I can’t help but think that it’s a reduction of shock protection — and I can be super clumsy with my phone, in part due to loss of grip from carpal tunnel. I do like that I can customize the color combo, but wish there was a slightly larger color pool for the slipcovers.

I could probably be happy with a Stowaway too, but I feel like the color combinations Incipio offers are kind of … awful. DW is getting the all black. I usually like something with a little more color — I just don’t like it completely tacky. It’d be nice if they could offer customized color combos (like Otterbox is doing!). I’d love a nice deep reddish pink or dusty plummy purple accent paired with a black or dark gray/slate gray main shell.

Yes, I’m kind of picky.

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