Check Your Voter Registration Status, Please

Seriously, it’s important!

Today is the deadline for voter registration in my state. I filled out the forms almost a month ago to update my registration since moving and assumed incorrectly that it went through without issue. Thank goodness I took the time yesterday to check my voter registration status because it did not go through. I’m super upset that I’m going to have to be on the phone trying to get through to the local voter registration office to sort it out. I’ve never had an issue any other time I’ve changed addresses.

This is upsetting on many levels. First, I’m up everyone’s butt these days to make sure they are registered and encouraging literally everyone to vote in November. Second, I have pretty severe phone anxiety so having to call is a huge hardship. Three, I’m already dreading how long it’s going to take to get through to someone and wondering if I’d be better served going in person.

I’m in a completely new area where I don’t know anyone who didn’t move here with me. I don’t know where things are, what roads and traffic patterns are like, or what surrounding cities and towns are like. I know how to get back and forth from where I was before, but that’s pretty much it. New explorations are anxiety-producing, especially without a tag-along-person for support.

But I’m going to get this done one way or another because it is so important.

And that’s why I’m begging you, check your registration status while there’s still time to register!

(links to: voter registration lookup tool)

One thought on “Check Your Voter Registration Status, Please

  1. Just a note: My issue has been resolved. Way more easily than I anticipated – damn #anxiety always makes things feel more insurmountable than they really are! Love & Light! Use your constitutional right and #VOTE to be #heard!

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