Crossroads: ACK! Too Many Decisions…

2012 is working out to be extremely challenging and life-altering. There is so much going on and each and every thing represents major life changes and hard decisions. It’s almost too much to take, but there’s no out this time. They all have to be dealt with — and soon.

I’m caught in a whirlwind of uncertainty.  My sole source of income is withering to its death. I need to find a way to finish school and/or find a new source of income that comes close to what I’m losing. The kids’ father has been dealing with a work injury and it’s at the point where a decision needs to be made about whether to continue litigation or attempt settlement — neither option looks very good and presents additional challenges I can’t really go into detail about. It’s just not good.

I don’t know what to do. It’s so hard to not just give up.

Maybe I need more medication. Maybe I need less medication. Maybe I need a winning lottery ticket. Maybe I need … I don’t know. Why does everything have to happen all at once?!


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