Daily Prompt: Broken

Disclaimer: This post contains Fiction Writing based upon the daily prompt “Broken
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She stared blankly across the table, fingers frozen atop the rim of her coffee mug as if time had stopped altogether. Her gaze fixed upon nothing in particular. It was clear that once again, she was lost deep within the recesses of her mind. It occurred to me that this was happening much more often now and I attributed it to the high levels of stress in our lives.

As I sat directly in front of her, it was as if I did not even exist in her world. I questioned whether to disrupt her trance or simply let it be until she returned of her own will. We had a busy day ahead of us.

“Tasha,” I spoke in a soft, soothing voice.

Nothing. Not a movement, not an eye flutter, not even a hint of recognition.

“Tasha, honey,” I continued, stretching my arm across the table and brushing my fingers lightly across her own.

“Huh?” her body seemed to shudder involuntarily as she returned to me.

“Tasha, we need to get moving. There’s a lot to do today.”

“Oh, I’m sorry,” her voice quiet and almost indiscernible. “I was just thinking…” she trailed off and the blankness in her eyes began to return.

“Tasha? What were you thinking, Tasha?” I’d asked her this very same question so many hundreds of times at this point and never once had she been able to tell me.

She slid her fingers out from under mine and into the handle of her coffee mug, raising it to her lips, thoughtfully pausing a moment with the rim against her lower lip. “I don’t even remember, honestly.”

I rose to my feet, walked around the table, brushed back the wisps of graying blonde across her forehead and kissed it. “Very well then, but it’s time to get going. Finish up and I’ll meet you at the garage.”

“Mmhmm,” she murmured, setting her mug back down on the table. “I love you, you know.”

“I know. I love you, too.”

I did. I loved her. Madly, unapologetically, and with every ounce of my whole being, despite how broken she was. “See you downstairs.”

Sitting in the car twenty minutes later and still no Tasha.

Thirty minutes – still no Tasha.

I was getting a bit annoyed. We had an appointment and at this point being late was a given. I locked the car and went back upstairs to nudge her along.

“Tasha!” I called out as I walked in the door.


“TASHA!” I called louder as I walked from room to room of the home we’d shared for all our lives together. I noted her coffee mug, washed and placed neatly in the drying rack beside the sink. That was all I found.

She was gone.

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