Day of Reflection – I’m Thankful for …

I’ve been a little absent, but thought I’d pop on and wish the internet world a Happy Thanksgiving!

In the spirit of the holiday, it’s the opportune time for a bit of reflection and despite all the trials and tribulations of the year, I am most thankful for two things (okay, maybe it’s really four things!) — my three beautiful children and my amazing girlfriend. With their love and support, I’m finding that all things are possible, and I honestly have no idea how I would manage to do anything without any of them. <3 Loves of my life, all four of them!

Today’s turkey dinner is going to be served late. I wasn’t sure at first whether I wanted to go through all the motions again because we technically had our Thanksgiving on Sunday so that we would be able to all be together. By all I mean my girlfriend, my kids, some extended family, and my soon-to-be ex-husband. Can you say integration time? LOL

It was a little stressful leading up to, and felt sort of odd at first, but ended up being a really good day overall. Another thing for which I’m thankful. 😉

So, anyway, last minute I decided to go ahead and cook another bird. More or less because what else am I gonna do all day?! So kind of just chilling out watching movies and waiting, nothing spectacular. Still wish we could have all been together on actual Thanksgiving Day, but it is what it is.

Hope everyone has a spectacular day of thanks and a lovely evening of tryptophan dreams!


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