Election Day 2012

Today I’ll be gritting my teeth and heading out to my polling place.

Gritting my teeth because I’m not fully behind either of the presidential candidates, but I’m more against one than the other, so that’s going to direct my vote. Not my preference, really, but at least there are lower level choices to be made that I can be a little more confident about.

The kids had a mock election in school yesterday. When I got home last night, they asked if I was going to go vote today and I said yes.  I was a little floored by their response that a single vote doesn’t matter. That’s not really the way I tried to raise them, as I dragged one or the other of them along with me every election to see how the process worked. Which was pretty important to me considering the first time I finally decided to show up and vote, I was completely clueless and quite worked up (eh, mostly the anxiety issues probably). No one had ever taken the time to introduce me to how it all worked. Obviously, I was attempting to prepare them for when their own time came. 😉

Ah, but being teenagers, they are developing their own opinions of things based on their own observations and the world around them. Today, that opinion is that it doesn’t matter whether I vote or not. I’m voting anyway, regardless of all else, because it’s a right and I feel a responsibility to use it wisely. Maybe in the grand scheme of things it won’t have mattered directly, but if that’s the only sense of power to be had at this point, I’m taking it.

As should you.

I’m sure there is going to be all kinds of raucous afterwards, what with all the displaced voters and provisional ballots … I foresee some seriously busy news days ahead!


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