Election Year … Meh!

Another election year is here. I’m not feeling it. Normally, I’d care more and be spending some time reading and evaluating so I can at least be a semi-informed voter. With everything going on in my personal life at this point, and with the general state of government being pretty crappy, I’m just not really interested.

I watched some of the debates. I admit I wasn’t crazy about Obama in the last election — and I’m not crazy about him in this one either — but I definitely can’t in any way support Romney. Every election year I feel like it just becomes more and more about choosing the lesser evil and less and less about making choices that will in any way incite any sort of positive country-wide change. It just never seems to happen no matter what the circumstances.

Maybe that’s part of growing up? Maybe it’s part of my cynical nature? I really don’t know. But it gets increasingly difficult to believe in anyone but yourself in terms of affecting change.

So that’s pretty much my opinion on that — not feeling like the government is going to ever manage to affect positive global change for the greater good and being pretty positive that it hardly matters at this point, and that the only way to make anything better is to just keep working on myself and my family and my immediate surroundings.

A little selfish, maybe.

But on politics — I’m feeling pretty burnt out.

Your thoughts, comments or suggestions are always appreciated!

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