#Debates Round Two & Elizabeth Warren: So Many Plans!

Following Round One of the First Democratic Debate, I hopped off the fence and tossed a few dollars into the Elizabeth Warren wishing well.

Am I all in? I don’t think so–yet.

We’re really just getting started here, but I’m definitely on board enough to want to see what she can do going forward. And I feel like she’s got a good shot at the nomination. This is the first election cycle where I don’t feel like I’m being forced to chose from among a field of candidates who are all basically the same. This cycle’s candidates are diverse and their platforms and plans are as well. While many share views and approaches on a few points, I feel like there are a lot of fundamental differences. For once, I don’t feel like I’m trying to choose between “Pat’s Pizza” or “Dave’s Pizza.”  This time, I’m choosing from among a full menu at a variety of restaurants.

And after Wednesday’s debate, I was excited to not be having pizza.

Plus, it’s nice to feel like someone is genuinely interested in making positive fundamental changes, balancing the playing field, and making America work again for the people who make America work. She’s articulate, well-presented, and seems like she has taken the time to look at issues from all sorts of angles.

I’ve read through some of her plans and am amazed by how thorough and well thought out they come off. It just gives me a glimmer of hope.

No candidate is ever going to be perfect for everyone.  Heck, I’d be surprised if any candidate was ever perfect for anyone.

But a thinker? A researcher? A planner? Someone who actually wants to try to solve some actual problems and deal with real-life disparities?

Yea, I’ll take a shot on that.

In the meantime, for all those complaining that last night’s debate did nothing to shed light on candidates’ stances and plans, that’s pretty hard to do in short little soundbites. The issues are complicated and any plans to fix or ease them just as complicated, if not more so. If you really want to know, the best course would be to go to their websites and read them. First-hand information without the bias of anyone else’s take. Novel concept, I know, but proactive is always better than reactive and the future of the United States—nay, the entire world around us, the planet itself even—for generations to come is definitely worth the cost of some reading time. At least to me it is.


Round Two coming to a television or streaming device near you. Tonight. 9PM EDT.

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