Full Plate = Tons o’ Stress

Hustling to get a steady income coming in again, constant job searching, wedding planning, pushing the kids to get their schoolwork finished for the year… now add: mega cleaning, yard prepping (so our landlord can show the property to potential new tenants), packing to move, registering the kids for regular public school for next school year, getting them set with school clothes and supplies… I think I’m going to go mad. My stress/anxiety levels are through the roof!

How does it always end up being everything all at once? Obviously, wedding planning is going to take a backseat for the next two months, but everything else that’s taking up that place is even more stressful!

We are barely a week in and I’ve already had my fill of trying to remind these kids that they *need* to clean up and put away anything they use as soon as they are done so that we can keep it tidy enough in here that if the landlord calls wanting to walk people through I’m not going to have a heart attack trying to get it ready. *All* of them are old enough to understand, and *all* of them are on-board with the move, so why do I come downstairs to find the peanut butter sitting out on the counter with the loaf of bread laying there open and a dirty butter knife just tossed to the side, school books strewn about the room like a hurricane hit it, papers hanging off the top of the printer, blah blah blah…!!?! Surely they know enough to clean this crap up before they go to bed?

OMG I love them, but holy cow, do you think they could lend a little help here?!

Going to be a rough 30 days.

On the up side: moving is long overdue, the house is in a district we wanted to begin with, the town is cute and full of things to do, places to go, and hopefully once we are all settled in we can finally resume a calmer, more peaceful existence — well, as calm and peaceful as it can get when you have teenagers, I guess.

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