Getting it Together

This morning I awoke with a slightly brighter view of things. I spent quite a few (too many) hours yesterday doing some research into future options and then chose to sleep on the information. The stars must have aligned during the course of my slumber, as I logged in this morning to find paid work available! A few other things I currently have up in the air are starting to fall into place as well, and if this sudden new trend continues, I just may make it after all.

Cautiously forging ahead, I put in a few hours of paid work time, updated some online stuff I’ve been too long dismissive of, checked in on my horoscope (which I haven’t actually done in quite some time because… well, it’s a horoscope!), and popped over here to type up a little blurb as part of my re-dedication to getting it together.

K (the love of my life mentioned in previous blog posts the past year or two) has been text-singing me love songs all the day through. Certainly can’t dismiss the uplifting effect that has on a person’s overall mood! 😉

I’m just generally feeling enveloped by a calming sense of things are going to work out, eventually. Let’s hope it opts to unpack, settle in, and stay for a while!

Your thoughts, comments or suggestions are always appreciated!

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