Gray Thursday

aka Thanksgiving Day.

This year I went to a “Black Friday” sale, on Thursday. We’re going to call it “Gray Thursday.” It was unplanned. I don’t usually care about Black Friday and I didn’t particularly care this year either.

It just so happened that my oldest daughter wanted to do Thanksgiving dinner this year on her own. Awesome! A day off from cooking. Since she lives over an hour away, that meant we needed a hotel room. No problem.

Except I forgot to pack a hairbrush. Such a minor thing but completely necessary! I woke up Thursday morning, made some hotel coffee (which tasted like complete ass) and quickly decided I needed to find somewhere for some decent coffee and a hairbrush. Turns out that Wal-Mart was open.

As I was walking around trying to find the elusive hairbrush, there were stacks and stacks of merchandise, plastic wrapped and tagged with large price banners, and noted with “Do not remove merchandise until 6 pm Thursday.” Black Friday sales products — largely electronic in nature. But what caught my eye?

Collage picture frames.

Yep. I’ve been wanting some for ever but have been too damn cheap to buy any. But there they were. Plastic-wrapped and tagged for 6 pm for the ridiculously unavoidable price of about $6 for the small one and $12 for the large one. Under $20 for two cute collage frame sets? Oh, hell yeah.

And that’s when I decided I’d be back at Wal-Mart for 6 pm.

We had our turkey and fixings. My daughter did a fabulous job! I was very proud.

Then, after another coffee run, I dragged my DW and my very reluctant BFF, to the Wal-Mart.

The parking lot didn’t look so bad… there was “crowd control” stationed at each of the three entrances. Inside, the store was taped off to create check out lines straight back through the apparel section. I’ve never seen so many Wal-Mart employees before in my entire life. People were clamoring near the stacks of items they were most interested in making sure they “scored.” The building was a-buzz with families going over their game plans and impatiently checking their phones for the time. People were coming in with two and three carts each. It was filling quickly in there! We wandered around a little bit just to kill some time and then settled into the area near the collage picture frames. Thankfully, it was at the front of the store near the registers.

5:55 pm they let it go. Oh-Em-Gee! People bolted. Yeah, I’m not doing this ever again! We got the frames, DW picked up a few other things she saw and wanted (being in the spirit of it all, I guess) and by 6 pm we were checked out and walking out the door.

Yep. First time and last time. Back to online shopping for me.

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