Habit Schmabit

I follow a lot of motivational pages on Facebook these days, and considering my high anxiety status, it is probably no surprise! This morning, as I was scrolling through my feed I was drawn to a “You ARE Enough” quote pic:

and it got me thinking — just what does it take to create a habit?

According to some quick searches, it certainly isn’t simply a few weeks. In fact, it can apparently take up to the better part of year in order to create a habit. Pretty daunting, especially considering today’s instant gratification mindset. The world is moving so fast these days that’s it hard to imagine taking that much time to force yourself to create useful habits where once there were none.

Regardless, trying to create habits is what I’m all about lately. It seems though, that I tend to spend much more time on planning how to do it than actually working towards achieving it! I’m thinking that I’m probably not alone in that issue. It’s sort of similar to making lists and then never using them!

Take today for example: I am here writing this when, according to my plan, I should be working. Last week I decided that I needed to get more consistent with my schedule and, related to that decision, planned to work for the majority of time daily Monday through Friday from 8 am (after I get back from taking the kidlets to school) to noon-ish, then to move on to getting some schoolwork done before heading out to pick up the kidlets from school, and attempting to dedicate an hour in the early morning hours and possibly another in the later evening hours to my writing.

HA! What time is it? Yea, time to get back to trying to make these things into habits!


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