Inspiration is all around us

Today I’d like to introduce you to my new little bud. Go figure, it is a lightning bug. I named it “Lit” for the purpose of sharing its story.

We were already well on our way down the road when we noticed Lit on the windshield. Actually, my daughter noticed, as Lit was on her side of the car. Now, had this been a squashed bug, or a spider, or any insect that scared me or creeped me out, its fate would likely have been much different (and now that I think about it, that’s pretty cruel…).

But it was a lightning bug.

Squatting down low, holding on for dear life, wings rustling with the force of the relentless hurricane-strength wind created by the 55 mph at which we were traveling.  Slowing down as we approached a stop sign, Lit appeared to test its ability to begin moving and, once confident, scurried a few inches up the window.

Why? Why didn’t you fly away, Lit? Why? Are your wings broken? Did you just need a ride to the grocery store??

My daughter laughed half-heartedly as we resumed driving. Now that she’s a full-grown adult it seems my ridiculous attempts at humor are forever lost on her. Lit, once again, hunkered down to weather the storm.

And so it went the entire 30-minute drive to drop my daughter at work. At every red light, Lit ran a few inches this way or that, always standing its ground when the car began moving again.

My windshield was pretty dirty and with the glare of the mid-morning sun I really wanted to squirt it with some washer fluid and run the wipers, but I couldn’t do that to Lit. I mean, here was this tiny little bug withstanding what I could only imagine was the equivalent of catastrophic natural disaster.

Another 30 minutes home. Lit was still with me.

In fact, I was so entranced by the saga of Lit and trying to get it home safely, that I completely forgot I needed to go the opposite way for some fuel oil so we could have hot water this week. Reluctantly, I turned at the next road, lengthening Lit’s journey.

By this point, Lit had managed to settle in beneath the windbreaking shelter of one of my wiper blades.

Whew! You’re gonna make it little dude, you’re gonna make it!

Therein lies the inspiration.

If a mere little bug like Lit can withstand all of that, can hold on through all of that, and make its way safely home again–well, hell–so can I. So can any of us. So can all of us.

Weather your storms with all you’ve got.

Love & Light

(please excuse the blurry pic–it’s not so easy to get a photo of a little bug scurrying about your windshield at a stoplight!)

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