It’s a Moody Teen Christmas …

Nah, it’s not really toooooo bad! Just different.

It seems the days of growing anticipatory excitement for the arrival of Santa Claus have drawn to an end, sadly. As have the early morning awakenings, the uninhibited exhibition of pure joy and thankfulness, and the impatient tearing and tossing of all that brightly colored gift wrap! I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t miss it.

This Christmas morning I woke up before my kids. I sat in the kitchen sipping my coffee and waiting patiently for one of them to emerge from their slumber and make their way down the hallway to make sure it was indeed Christmas Day before rushing back to wake the others so the fun could begin. That didn’t happen. After about an hour, I dug out the waffle maker and made two batches of chocolate chip waffles with the hope that the aroma wafting through the house would help lure them forth. Nope.

Plan C: go after the youngest. I slipped quietly into my almost 11 year old’s room, crawled onto his bed and gently whispered “Merry Christmas!” to him and kissed his sweet little cheek. He stirred, smiled a little, then rolled over and went back to sleep! Really?

Fifteen minutes later, do over! He says, “I heard you the first time.”

“Well, don’t you want to get up?”


“To open presents and eat chocolate chip wafflesssss,” I replied in a playful tone.

His reply? Mimicking my playful tone with a little smirk, “Can I do that in a couple of minutesssss?”

Should I have to be practically dragging this child out of bed to give him Christmas gifts? LOL

Yes, I definitely miss their younger years!! It took another 30 minutes or so to coerce the girls out of bed (14 and 16), and even after they were up, they didn’t arrive in the living room until after they’d done their hair and makeup! Go figure.

At least there were a few shining moments during the actual gift-opening: a smile here, a giggle there, but nothing as heart-warming as the unbridled excitement and squeals of joy and surprise that Christmas mornings past have inspired.

Granted, it was a lean year, but I still put a lot of thought and effort into choosing appropriate gifts for each of them. I’m not saying they aren’t thankful — because I know they are — but it’s just not the same anymore. Is this what growing up does nowadays?

At least they didn’t full out “Kristen Stewart” the morning, like they were joking all week about doing!


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! 🙂


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