Kaleidoscope Brain

Everything around me is spinning.

Twisting. Turning. Tangling.

A symphony of connectivity contortion.

Magical. Beautiful. Frightening. Chaotic.

Defying all rhyme or reason.

It won’t stop. It can’t stop.

My brain is a kaleidoscope.

Intricacies of life its manipulator.

I have no focus. Every thought sends me off on a new tangent. Nothing is getting done. Millions of triggers hitting my brain with each and every one pushing or pulling in a different direction. I can’t concentrate. There’s too much stimuli, inside and out.

I love the above picture (Image by Engel62 from Pixabay) I found for the featured image spot (though I did have to rotate it to fit this application). So much so that I may print it out to hang desk-side.

It would have a fine home there, along with a bunch of other things: inspirational and motivational quotes and images, countless sticky notes which will undoubtedly fall to the floor in due time, favorite pens and pencils, notebooks and journals, headache remedies, hard candies and lollipops, fidget spinners … though maybe I would be better off in a stark, barren room with nothing but an old-school typewriter and a stack of paper.

I’ve began prepping for this year’s NaNoWriMo. Despite my social anxiety, I’d really like to make an effort to immerse myself in a supportive writing environment, which means, I could use some writing buddies. I joined forever ago (2012) and haven’t kept up. But I’m committed this year, really I am.

The website itself is recently remodeled and it’s a little quirky. I’m having some trouble finding my way around but am confident I’ll catch on at some point.

So tired of trying to work my writing around everything else. It’s time to try working everything else around my writing. To a point, at least.

Love & Light

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