Let’s Share Ideas!

September 10th, according to my calendar of obscure holidays, is National Swap Ideas Day.

I didn’t want to just make an assumption about what that meant, so I let my fingers do the talking (walking?) and drilled Google to gather some answers.

What is National Swap Ideas Day?

One of over 1500 annually observed national days. Though I wasn’t able to find any definitive answer as to the creator of this national day, several sites suggested that it might have been Mr. Robert Birch, who they are also crediting with the creation of such other interesting days as Trivia Day, Lumpy Rug Day and what may become my personal favorite of all time, Nothing Day! However, further research indicates at least three different attributions for the creation of National Nothing Day, so I have zero faith in the accuracy of information related to the creator of National Swap Ideas Day. Which I’m admitting because I so dislike supporting the circulation and perpetuation of inaccurate information.

What’s the point?

The gist of National Swap Ideas Day truly is exactly as one would logically assume: to encourage the sharing and trading of creative or helpful ideas with others. Kind of like a brain swap meet. Oh, I see the connection!

Bringing together groups of people with common goals but varying skill sets and/or knowledge levels to exchange thoughts and ideas, bounce them off each other and perhaps walk away having gained new knowledge, eureka! solutions or even brand new ideas leading to infinite possibilities ranging from general inspiration to the creation of new products or technology.

Sounds awesome! Or sounds like every other day at the office. Depends on who you are, I guess.

How to celebrate?

Oh yay! This one’s easy! Share ideas!

Get together with your favorite group of thinkers and think out loud. Listen to each other’s ideas, offer feedback, etc. and see what you can all come up with together!

Orrrr, get together with no one at all and just bounce ideas off the wall by yourself.

Orrrrrrrr, pop into any online or offline group of which you may be a member and start a brainstorming revolution!

Orrrrrrrrrrrrr, write a blog post (or Facebook, or Twitter, or whatever your fave social media format is) and invite people to share ideas in the comments section below! 😉 Don’t forget the hashtags: #SwapIdeasDay #NationalSwapIdeasDay

In any case, it’s a national day worthy of at least a few minutes effort. Chances are most people probably do this on the regular, BUT if you don’t, then maybe it’s just the nudge you need to find your way out of a bad case of writer’s block, figure out how to draw a conclusion for chapter 13 of your latest work in progress, come up with a whole new idea for a whole new novel, learn how people really get those sweat stains cleaned out of their favorite shirts, how to cure cancer, how to overcome anxiety, how to trust in the processes of the divine or how everything always seems to go to pot when you least expect it to–I mean really, the possibilities are endless!

What’s next?

I think I’m going to propose a national camp out on the couch and watch sappy movies day–unless, of course, that already exists? Oh! How about national give a crap about other people day??

Ya’ll know I’m just being a bit goofy here today, but really, tomorrow (September 10th) is National Swap Ideas Day. I’ll listen to yours if you’ll listen to mine! 🙂

Love & Light


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