Life: Just Livin’ It…

Frustrating. Amazing. Infuriating. Miraculous. Difficult. Beautiful. Unpredictable. Wonderful.

Life — it’s all that and more. No two days are ever really the same. One morning everything can appear to be perfect and by mid-morning coffee the table has been turned and you’re starting all over again. There’s no way to tell from one moment to the next what’s going to be coming at you … most of the time. It definitely keeps it interesting, at least.

As has become par for the course (and fairly necessary for the sake of what remains of my sanity!), I spent the weekend with my love again, plus a day or two because it snowed in my area and she didn’t want me driving home in that mess. Sweet. It seems my weekends keep getting longer so that my weeks without her can keep getting shorter and I’ve really got no complaints about that except that I do occasionally feel the pangs of guilt associated with leaving the kids at home with their father. Well, and I’m really looking forward to a place of our own sometime so that everything can finally come together — including the kids. 🙂 They seem to understand though, so that’s a good thing.

It shouldn’t be tooooo much longer, I hope. My divorce will be final in about two weeks. I interviewed for a temp job (better than nothing!) that I’m pretty sure I’ll be getting — of course, I’ve thought that about one other one previously, so who knows? But I’m going to keep trying to think positively about it! Doesn’t do me any good to not. Though, the reality is that all my accounts are drained and maxed at this point and if it doesn’t happen soon then I have no idea what I’m going to do. Blah, blah, blah…

Anyway, I started this this morning with a clear idea of what I was going to write, but it’s like 7 hours later now and I’ve been back and forth between this and other stuff and my phone and switching plans and … clearly I’ve gone off track and just left you with a bunch of babble!

Ah well, guess it is what is it, as is everything these days. That’s life!

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