Long time, no talk!

Hiatus seems to be my middle name… sorry about that!

All settled in and kids are loving their new school. Had a few hurdles and still struggling but it’s all worth it to have the kids in a good school district, making friends and getting involved in activities like normal tweens and teens.

Still trying to find a job suitable to my anxiety struggles but feeling pretty defeated about the prospects since it’s been so long again. I know people find work-a-rounds — even I have in the past — it just seems that the work from home job market is pretty saturated these days making it even harder to find something decent. Everyone wants to be able to work from home and who would blame them? Most non-phone work is super flexible and even occasionally rewarding. The issue I’m having is there seems to be more phone work nowadays than there is non-phone work. As we all know, phone work just isn’t in the cards for me!

Hopefully something that will be a good fit creeps up soon…

Your thoughts, comments or suggestions are always appreciated!

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