It’s been boring around here these days. My girls went to homecoming recently and had a blast! We did the trick or treat thing … I really get irritated by how Halloween itself is made moot by all the activities related to it always happening the week before the actual holiday, but what ya gonna do? Will probably be carving pumpkins tonight or tomorrow. Actually, I vote for tomorrow.

I spent most of today working on trying to get motivated to sort through the tons of junk I own and decide what I need to keep and what can be thrown away, what can be packed now and what I need to keep out because I actually use it! That of course led to a gigantic bag of trash — the first of many I’m sure — and two packed and sealed totes, two packed and sealed boxes. Then I got burnt out and switched to laundry instead! LOL

This is going to be a long process, so I’m glad I’m starting now because today’s ass-busting work barely scratched the surface! It is apparently very easy to accumulate a megaload of crap in the course of nearly twenty years! Aye yi!

Getting a little down about the upcoming holiday season and not being able to spend it where I want and with who I want. Working on a workaround for that, but nothing definite so far. I really just want to get this chapter closed so I can begin fresh — so we all can. It just seems like a long and tedious process and I’m a very impatient girl! e

I’ll be starting training for a new job next week. It’s only part-time and I’m not the least bit excited about it. I only took it because it was the only place offering. Definitely not going to be anywhere enough income to pay rent anywhere — but maybe I can get my credit card payments back on track at least, for now. Still looking for other jobs, better jobs, regular jobs… LOL Health insurance would be really nice considering I just learned I have a blood disorder — well, and because I don’t want to drop out of therapy after December!

Speaking of, still love my therapist! Even though she makes me cry. LOL Still off the Zoloft and anything else. Not looking forward to some of the exposure exercises she’s been discussing though! Trying really hard to just remember that I’m doing this for all the right reasons. I’m doing ALL OF IT for all the right reasons. 🙂

So, there’s my pointless ramble for now. I know, it was very boring! LOL I’m bored just writing it — but I felt bad that I haven’t posted much lately.

I’ll try to make my next one a little more substantial, maybe! 😉


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