New Year’s Resolutions: A Step Towards Positivity or a Set-Up for Failure?

A new year is now upon us, and with its arrival I find myself evaluating where I am at this point in my life — where I wanted to be, and what may or may not be possible from this point forward. Enter the New Year’s Resolution.

I haven’t yet decided whether I want to officially declare any sort of resolution. On one hand, it is simply no more or less than setting a new goal for yourself; but on the other hand, it can be a doorway to slap yourself in the face with yet another failure on which to base your uselessness. Granted, this is coming from the warped views of a woman who is riddled with anxieties, sometimes struggles with depression and has serious pre-existing self-worth issues. Though, I can’t help but think that in some way, shape or form, these are all things we all struggle with at various points. So why all the hype over a New Year’s Resolution?

I think the key to a successful resolution is to avoid setting your sights too high. For instance, it would be foolish if you have no experience and no training in, say, acting, but choose as a resolution to win an Academy Award. (Ok, yes, that was a bit exaggerated!) The latter is a clear example of setting yourself up to fail. A better approach would be to resolve to take an acting class in the coming year. It gets you a step closer to your ultimate goal and is quite do-able! It’s a win-win.

So back to me: I still don’t know if I want to commit myself to anything and label it a New Year’s Resolution. It just seems kind of daunting. I’m awful with follow-through (note the regular updates on this blog!). Maybe I should try to incorporate follow-through into a resolution.

What are your thoughts on this resolution business? I’d love to hear. 🙂

Be well! Oh, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Your thoughts, comments or suggestions are always appreciated!

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