Noooooo! Not the Toes!

Sweet blissful sleep. All wrapped up warm and cozy in my bed, with dreams of my love running through my head. Sweet, sweet, blissful sleep.

Then all of a sudden there’s this odd sensation that tears me away from it all! Nooooo! Not the toes! Dang dog!

Why on earth does she do that? It’s so gross. Oh, look! She left her foot out for me, I think I’ll just lay here and lick her toes until she wakes up! 

I totally wanted to try to sleep in this morning. By sleep in, I mean until eight or nine. Didn’t think I was asking too much. I’m usually up between six and seven, but I’ve been keeping late nights these days and doing a lot during the day to get the house ready for appraisal (and Thanksgiving too, so I guess the timing there is good since I’m getting a two-fer off a single effort!), sorting through everything, throwing stuff away and packing up other stuff so there’s less to do when it’s finally time to move.

I swear, one of the closets ended up being 95% throw away stuff. It’s amazing how much stuff you think you want to keep in the beginning of things and how much of it you realize later is completely pointless!

Anyway, so I’m up, thanks to the toe-licking! Sipping my coffee and about to embark on another tiresome day of manual home labor.

Have a great day! 🙂

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