Not Alone.

I guess I write an awful lot about issues I’m having that are related to my anxiety — it appears to be the biggest tag in my cloud. I don’t tend to dig very deep into it though, because… well, I’m anxious about over-sharing and opening myself up to additional judgement, since, as anyone with social anxiety is well aware, we are pretty freaking ruthless in terms of passing judgement on ourselves.

Yesterday I was surprised to find an email via the contact form on my site from a person I presume was just passing through and took the time to ask if I’d be interested in considering linking to a post they had written on coping with social anxiety. It was a very well-written post and I was super appreciative of the time they took, both in writing it and in suggesting that it may be complementary to my own blog.

It got me thinking about how I started this blog as a soundboard of sorts — because I wanted a “safe” and relatively anonymous outlet. Though I am a bit lax in regular posting schedules, I realize I’ve also been excessively lax about reaching out among fellow community members, which I really need to thank this friendly passerby for bringing to light.

So today I took a little extra time to peruse WordPress and Google for blogs and posts that touched on similar topics to my own.

Two reasons:

  • To remind myself that I am not alone in this struggle.
  • To remind myself that sharing helps other people to know that they are not alone in their struggles.

Then, I added a “Related Blogs/Posts” sidebar menu to my site that links to social anxiety blogs (non-specifically) using the tag search “social-anxiety” and a Google search for blogs on social anxiety, which will become part of my regular reading with the hope of broadening my blogging horizons and encouraging the growth of community.

After all, none of us are ever as alone as we often feel.

My best to all.

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