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I woke up this morning and logged in here to write a crappy post about how I have trouble coming up with things to post. Not because I’m at a loss for thoughts, but rather because I struggle with speaking the unedited truth of all the smack that runs through my head on a daily. I’m afraid to offend people or have judgement passed upon me (damn you, social anxiety, yet again).

Which is neither here nor there, because upon clicking “New Post” I was suddenly distracted by a slight redesign of the page I’m typing this on. It looks oddly cleaner than a few days ago when I was here, and I’m rather quite enjoying it thus far. Well, with the exception of I could have sworn when I first started that tags and categories were separate — now it seems they are all lumped in one — not quite sure how I feel about that. Though, I’m pretty sure that my last few posts only had tags because the compose screen I was working on didn’t seem to have category options anyway… but I see on the front end that they came up as uncategorized, so I must have missed it somewhere…


Still on track to move by the end of the month. So not looking forward to the whole packing and unpacking thing. Equally non-excited about the whole scrubbing down an entire house in order to move into it thing.

Yes, scrubbing. The place has been vacant for a few months and doesn’t look like it was super well-kept in cleanliness by the prior tenants. I would love if the property manager would clean it — you would think they’d do that sort of thing, no? But it’s not really likely.

So, yes, scrubbing — cabinets, walls, trim, windows, bathrooms, floors, carpets — the whole kit n’ caboodle — before we start bringing stuff in and unpacking. I can’t deal any other way because it just feels gross to me otherwise.

This particular house we are renting comes pre-loaded with a long (hallway-ish) enclosed back/side porch of sorts, and the door leading into it from the kitchen is equipped with a cat door. Sort of a plus for us, since we have two cats. Liking the idea of having the litter boxes out there instead of in the bathroom, but hoping there really is no way for either of our cats to escape to the actual out-of-doors.

K’s favorite feature seems to be that the pantry cabinet in the kitchen is fitted with a padlock-able configuration. This excites her due to the idea that we can lock up snack foods and not wake up the day after grocery shopping to find that there is absolutely nothing to pack in with her lunch because the TEENS have once again eaten us out of house and home while we slept! I, on the other hand, do not really think it’s going to work that way. Who locks food up from their kids?!

The kids aren’t as happy as I expected them to be. They seem to think that it’s still not big enough (geez, it’s got one more bedroom, one more toilet!, and a bigger kitchen and dining room — how is that not big enough?) Oh well, it is what it is and it’s what we could get so, suck it up, kiddies. Mommy loves you.

At least they can get back into regular school and will be living within a reasonable walking distance to just about everything they may need on a daily. *That* is what excites me. I hope they make some new friends and settle in — because they never really got the chance this past year.

So, that’s my wrap-up for the time being.

In other news: Happy 4th!

I’m off to find some fireworks displays we can try to get to tonight.


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