Oh my aching back

It’s been another long day here. I barely got my hours in for my regular work, let alone managed to do much related to my writing. Spent four hours basically sitting in the car (as a favor for family) and between that and the odd ways in which I contort myself every other day of the week in order to get things done, it’s definitely taking a toll on me. I’m in so much pain — the part of my back sort of between my shoulder blades and down the center — that I had to call upon one of my daughters to bring home some of those stick on muscle relaxing patches and the other of them to put it on for me!

Whoa! I wasn’t expecting it to be so cold!

Anyway, I’m looking forward to having an actual desk to work at someday. This doing everything on a laptop on my bed is getting the best of me. There’s just no comfortable way to do it anymore. At the moment we are staying with family while we try to find a place to live — though our time is running short as he’s accepted an offer on the house.

I do basically everything in my bedroom. More specifically, in my bed. An aching back, neck and shoulders are par for the course. I’m not sure why it’s been so exceptionally more painful today than any other, but it has. I won’t lie — I was fighting back tears at one point. Though part of that is likely the anxiety by way of my brain thinking up six million and two different scenarios in which the pain is a sign of impending death. Ah, joy.

On the bright side, I did have my e-reader along and got several chapters into a new book. That’s another goal I’ve set seeing as how life has gotten in the way of my personal reading time — aiming for a book a month, but we will see how it goes, since I’m also trying to spend time in the WordPress reader at least every other day, if even only for 30 minutes or so.

Hmm, between reading for work, books, and blogs… I think I pretty much end up reading for the bulk of my waking hours! I could think of worse things.

Love & Light


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