Oh my laptops!

This morning I am sort of “getting my geek on.” Actually, the process started two days ago, when I realized that pricing on solid state drives (SSDs) was way more reasonable than it used to be. Yes, I’ve been out of the market for quite a while in terms of computer hardware stuff.

The kids have been moping around for months because both the desktop replacement laptops are basically dead. Hard disk drive (HDD) failures, errors, overheating, random shut-downs, and one of them wouldn’t even load Windows at all anymore rendering it completely useless. Fully aware that there is no room in the budget for replacing either of them at this point, they’ve just resigned themselves to never being able to play another PC game.

That changed when I was dreamily browsing online and came upon a sale on SSDs. Hours of research and arguing with myself about whether I could really afford it later, I finally completed the checkout process for two new 500GB SSDs and an external drive case. Which, by some insanely awesome action of the universe, arrived a whole day earlier than they were expected!

Yesterday began with cleaning up the units: dust/dirt removal inside and out, made sure the fans were nice and clean and all the vents clear.

After that was done, I powered up both of them to see where we stood, cleaned up and tidied the one that worked, and then spent hours… and hours messing with the one that wouldn’t even boot up and kept telling me it couldn’t write to the disk. I Google-searched and tried every suggestion and method I could find. Eventually I managed to back-up the data on an external and just factory reset it.  Magic! Except now it’s still got the unreliable HDD and a very old, in-need-of-a-zillion-updates copy of Windows 7. Whatever!

While all that was going on, the one that worked but randomly shut itself down was downloading and installing Windows 10. It’s been 18 hours and it’s still installing Windows 10. 99% complete for 16 hours now. WTF?! The one that originally wouldn’t load Windows at all was chugging away, full Windows 10 install completed, updated, and is currently cloning onto an SSD. Joy of joys! Hilariously frustrating that the laptop I expected to be more troublesome is the one that’s going to be up and running the soonest, and the one that I assumed wouldn’t be a problem is a huge, stuck at 99% complete, pain in the arse!

Assuming this all works out, my plan moving forward is to add secondary HDDs to both units and max out the RAM (which, appears to be super affordable as well). So, I’m excited. And I’m “getting my geek on” because apparently, normal people don’t get excited about upgrading their laptops?! [or so I’ve been told.]

Whatevs! I’m super excite!

Especially if it all works and we are back to two reliable, working desktop replacement units. And especially because it will have cost well under $500 all told (SSDs, HDDs, and RAM).

Beats blowing $500 on some cheap, crappy Black Friday special version of a low-powered glorified web browser with a keyboard that they still wouldn’t really be able to play any of their games on.

Who needs a touchscreen anyway? (Ok, a touchscreen might be nice, but honestly, we’re all fine without it.)

Here’s to hoping for two working laptops by the day’s end! 🙂


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