Pick One and Run

the rest will come on its own. Honestly, my mind just keeps moving full-speed ahead, jumping the tracks every other chance it gets and basically just wreaking havoc in every direction. So many ideas. So many dreams. So many roads to take.

Is it any wonder I’ve settled on a liberal arts degree? Nope. No wonder at all. Too interested in a little bit of everything and not interested enough in any one thing. Definitely time to just pick one thing and try to keep my focus on that. No more shiny distractions. No more wandering off into the dark. Time to make a choice and run with it.

Immerse myself in the things that are at the center of my yearnings and allow them to take me where they will. Screw anxiety. Screw caring what people will think. Of course people are going to disagree and disapprove, but this life I’m living is mine to do with as I please, not as anyone else pleases. Just need to keep myself centered and plugging away.

My life. My choices. My happiness.


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