Playing Catch-Up … again

Let myself slide quite a bit over the past few months on this little blog of mine. So once again, I’m driving by to play a little game of catch-up!

I’m just about finished with my first three courses since deciding (again!) to go back to school. It’s been interesting, to say the least. Definitely struggling with — okay, maybe struggling isn’t exactly the right descriptive word, more like stressing, worrying, stressing some more, crying, quitting, panic attacking, shutting down over — writing assignments, research papers, forum postings and peer responses. Overall though I’m managing to chug along.

As usual, I opted for compacted courses because it gets it over with faster and in the long run, gives me less time to spend with anticipatory anxiety. So, the first two courses I made it through with a B+ and a B. That works for me. This third one I’ll be finishing up next week and hoping for a B at the least there too — though the course material leaves me an emotional wreck every time I tackle it (damn relationship course!). Registered for another four courses through the summer and tried to pair them up so that I didn’t have two writing-intensive courses at the same time — so hoping that eases the stress a little bit!

Things are going well with my love. Missing the crap out of my kids though and counting the days until the school year is finally over for them so we can all get settled, together, finally. We have an application in for an apartment where we want to be, and are looking at a house a town over from that one this weekend as well. While I LOVE that the town over is a whole house to ourselves (and not a super dumpy one either!) and that the landlord is super sweet, friendly and down-to-earth, the school district sucks big time. So I’m not-so-secretly hoping that we get approved for the apartment instead. Either way, it’s just for a year — but it would be so much easier on the kids if we get the apartment in the district where we are planning to buy a home next year.

Speaking of my love, she finished her last class and is graduating in June. So super proud of her!!

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