Pumpkin Spice Does Not Make Everything Nice! and some thoughts on the simpler things

The past several weeks have been hectic. I’ve been underwater with some personal commitments and was struggling to keep up with everything, but that’s life and that’s just how it goes sometimes. I hope you’ve been well and making progress on whatever fronts are important to you.

This morning I stepped outside and stood in the morning air while enjoying my (plain) coffee (with sugar and cream) and perusing the various streams on my mobile as I do most every morning. The air was heavy and humid and the sun was shining so brightly and warmly that it seemed in outright defiance of the recent onslaught of autumn-inspired pumpkin-spiced everything that has hit the local markets. I rather enjoy a pumpkin pie topped with a generous dollop of whipped cream, but does everything else have to be pumpkin-spiced?

I’m thinking … not.

What is it that makes us constantly cast aside the here and now to race forward to the next big thing–season, holiday, relationship, adventure, etc.? Why can’t we just enjoy what it is once in a while? Take a step back, let things come in their own time?

I ask that while being fully aware that I, as much as anyone else, have been guilty of doing the very same. That constant nagging for better, newer, next is also a large component of the incessant anxiety I feel daily. It makes it hard to argue against the idea that perhaps this entire life strategy is a contributory factor as to why there is so much distress and anxiety all around.

So this morning, I tried to just enjoy the moment I was in. The comforting scent of my morning coffee, the soft swirls of steam rising and floating off its hot surface, the muggy morning air, the shining sun, the chirping birds, the hooting owls, the bunnies scampering about in the lot behind my house; the squirrels frolicking in the trees above, the clouds painting pictures in the sky, and there, in those moments, was so much peace and simplicity.

Love & Light

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