Quarter Pounder, Hold the Cheese

Source: Customers forced to pay for cheese sue McDonald’s for $5 million

I may just need to start an “Are You Kidding Me?!” series.

Don’t have time or interest in reading the actual article? No problem. Here’s the gist:

McDonald’s used to have both a quarter pounder and a quarter pounder with cheese on their menu. Understandably, with cheese cost more. They no longer offer both options on the menu. You need to order a quarter pounder with cheese and ask them to hold the cheese. The price doesn’t change because you don’t want the cheese – it’s still full price. Pretty customary practice across all restaurants.

I always order everything with no mayo, sauces, onions or tomatoes. Basically, just about anywhere I go my food ends up being some sort of special order with omission of some ingredient or combination of ingredients. Never really gave it any thought about why it still cost the same price… not even when I’m sitting in front of a plate of plain iceberg lettuce!

These people, however, have. Hence, they are suing McDonald’s for $5 million for the deceptive practice of overcharging for a quarter pounder without the cheese.

Thoughts? Anyone?

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