Scary Times, Indeed.

Since briefly mentioning in a previous post a while back about being frightened for the future following the election and inauguration of Donald J. Trump into the spot of President of the United States, I haven’t voiced much else.


Because it’s just so hard to believe that today’s political landscape is reality. Every news story, every bill draft, every tweet, every new policy announcement, every new discovery, every new reported change seems to be moving this country into a weird, backwards alternate reality that may soon rival best-selling dystopian novels and their box office-smashing movie counterparts. Are these things really what the people who voted for this man thought they were getting?

Are people really so vehemently against things like LGBTQ+ rights, abortions, and smarter gun control that they were willing to cut off their own noses to spite their faces? I mean honestly, do these people realize that for each of the minor things they opted to vote Trump in support of there are at least 10 major, country-altering things that are going to be implemented that will bite them in their own asses?

I’ve been trying harder to analyze my news sources. Trying to choose outlets that are inclined to be less biased in order to draw my own conclusions, but the fact of the matter is, I’m definitely more left and more humanitarian than anything else. Not being fully aligned with Democrats, but pretty much abhorrent of most Republican policies.

Honestly, I grew up making a joke out of Donald Trump. To me, he’s always been an over-the-top, money hungry, flashy, self-serving, opportunistic, lying, cheating, stealing, uncaring, flailing business man with really bad hair who seemed to somehow step in golden shit despite himself. Seriously, I can’t remember a point in my life when he wasn’t the butt of some sort of joke. How did this man become President of the United States?

He can’t even keep his own stories straight.

How are all these people still standing by this man? Tell me, please, I’d really like to know …

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