School Daze

My kids are back to school. I’m back to school. As a workaround to my anxiety issues I opted to run like hell from the local community college I’ve been earning credits at over the years and give American Public University a go. So far, so good. Didn’t lose ANY credits, either — which is SWEET!

Feeling a little better after taking the time to direct some anger where it belonged and a good (LONG) heart-to-heart with my best friend followed by a nice break from real life. Actually, I’m feeling a lot better. I’m an awful wreck when I start feeling overwhelmed by everything and have no outlet and no resources! It doesn’t happen often, maybe three or four times over the past 20 years or so, but trust me, having someone to talk shit out with instead of holding it in is a much better option than having a week long breakdown!

Anyway, so that’s what’s new here at the moment.

Be back soon!

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