So, that’s the plan!

After spending time researching school districts and areas, then giving the list of districts (I pre-approved) to the kids for their own research purposes, we’ve settled on where we plan to plant ourselves next. They’re pretty excited about it, which is really nice. I’m pretty excited simply because I’ve been wanting out of this immediate area for pretty much the entire past 20 years!

So now that we are sure where we want to go, I’ve refocused my job searching to businesses and organizations in that immediate area. There does seem to be a lot more opportunity there than there was here — so that’s a positive. 🙂

The road map I’m working now is to find a job in that area, commute as necessary until I’ve saved up enough money to begin looking for a rental. Not my first choice, but pretty sure that I’m not going to have many other options. The rental prices are a bit pricey, but I’m hoping to work it out (yanno, after I secure a job or two, or three… whatever I have to do!).  I just want the fresh start away from all the negativity where we are now.

I’m finally understanding what kept me here so long — pure, unadulterated fear of not being able to do it!! This is certainly the hardest thing I’ve ever done and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to get much easier any time in the near future. But one day at a time, and it will surely work itself out. Just need to keep positive and hopeful and try to keep letting all the negativity roll off my back. Trying to get the kids to do the same, since they are unfortunately stuck as prime targets in an effort to get to me. 🙁

I wish he’d take the time to realize that he’s ruining their view of him all on his own. It’s not like they are little kids with no common sense and no ability to assess situations. They understand everything he says and everything he does. Most of which he shouldn’t be doing with them around. They’re drawing their own conclusions based on the behaviors they’re witnessing and the petty crap he’s slinging at me.

I shouldn’t talk bad about him, either.. but at least I try to keep it away from them!

So, anyway… yea — that’s the plan.

Until next time, just gonna keep on trying to keep on! LOL


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