Breaking Free

Breaking free is hard. I’ve looked back on my blog posts over the years, which are all over the place of course, and I’ve visited my old writing accounts on various forums. Stopping short of digging out the plastic bins in storage filled with notebooks and journals, little scraps of paper, article and magazine clippings dating back as far as the 1980s — I just wanted to refresh myself on where I’ve been and where I may be going. Countless times I’ve proclaimed to be washed anew. Fresh-eyed. Open-hearted. Ready to forge ahead at my goals full steam only to

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Alone at Night

Writing prompt courtesy of Writers Write: “Write about being alone at night.” Her melodic laugh fills the room and inspires all around her. Her smile, bright and wide, forces a sort of sparkle in her eyes that draws you in and begs you, too, to be light and airy — happy even. It is like an infectious virus permeating every cell of your body. She is the best friend of your dreams. Always positive. Always upbeat. Always encouraging. Always supportive. Always accepting. Always showing you the bright side of everything. Always there for you. Dependable. Reliable. Adorable. You love being

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Three Wishes

Writing Prompt courtesy of “I’ll give you three wishes.” … “I don’t want them.” … “You wan… wait… what?” “I don’t want them,” I repeated. He stood there, still, with the most dumbfounded look. “I– I don’t understand,” he stammered, “everyone takes the wishes! Are you mad?” I smiled, just a bit, because I’ve read way too many of these stories to fall for the antics of a wish-granter. Nothing in life came free or easy. Making wishes would undoubtedly mess with things in ways I wouldn’t be able to foresee and in the end I would probably be

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