Follow-Up: Oatmeal? Ick! Well, maybe…

Banana oatmeal muffins were a bust! I tried the recipe I posted and they were thumbs down from all. One of my testers didn’t even make it through the chew before she was spitting it out! LOL Texture was … not good. I tried two other recipes and still didn’t have a winner, so I gave up out of frustration for the day and we took the kids Halloween costume supply shopping instead! After a little recuperation time, I’ll move on to the pumpkin trials. Believe it or not, there was a point in my life when I was good

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Oatmeal? Ick! Well, maybe…

I had a check-in with my family doc recently, and he tells me that my cholesterol is a little higher than he would like. My first internal reaction was Oh, God, I’m gonna die — that was a bit severe. His suggestions? No eggs, no cheese, no red meat, and yes daily oatmeal, fresh fruits, whole grains and fish. OK, well I usually eat mostly that way to begin with (though, admittedly, we had been eating out a LOT in recent months because I was burnt out on cooking). The exceptions: oatmeal and fish. I really, really, really do not

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