Melania and the Jacket

Yes, it’s true. Melania Trump wore a jacket featuring the words “I really don’t care. Do u?” while en route to visit child detainment centers in McAllen, Texas. I didn’t believe it at first glance either. Literally, my first thought upon seeing the image while scrolling my Twitter feed was is this for real?! After all, in the digital age, editing photos to add words or distort images is easily enough done. But alas, it’s real. I checked several media sources and even hit up The entire internet seemed ablaze with commentary, disgust and explanations. Which left me thinking,

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Breaking Point — Is this it?

Over qualified. Under qualified. Kiss my ass. I need a job! Job satisfaction? Who cares! A paycheck in and of itself is more than enough satisfaction at this point! Ridiculous! Officially nine months since I began looking for a new job (or any source of income at all, really) and still flailing. No job = No home. My divorce was final in December. I totaled my minivan in the same month. Used the bulk of my savings to buy a new car (well, not a brand new car, obviously!). Watching my fabulous credit score that I busted my ass to

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