Pumpkin Spice Does Not Make Everything Nice! and some thoughts on the simpler things

The past several weeks have been hectic. I’ve been underwater with some personal commitments and was struggling to keep up with everything, but that’s life and that’s just how it goes sometimes. I hope you’ve been well and making progress on whatever fronts are important to you. This morning I stepped outside and stood in the morning air while enjoying my (plain) coffee (with sugar and cream) and perusing the various streams on my mobile as I do most every morning. The air was heavy and humid and the sun was shining so brightly and warmly that it seemed in

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Gray Thursday

aka Thanksgiving Day. This year I went to a “Black Friday” sale, on Thursday. We’re going to call it “Gray Thursday.” It was unplanned. I don’t usually care about Black Friday and I didn’t particularly care this year either. It just so happened that my oldest daughter wanted to do Thanksgiving dinner this year on her own. Awesome! A day off from cooking. Since she lives over an hour away, that meant we needed a hotel room. No problem. Except I forgot to pack a hairbrush. Such a minor thing but completely necessary! I woke up Thursday morning, made some

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As if it isn’t obvious from perusing my blog posts, I suffer severely with a common ailment known as scatterbrain! Each morning I wake up, make my way down the stairs while being sure to dodge the dog barreling down the stairs beside me, shuffle into the kitchen to let the dog out, feed the cat, fill the coffee maker, then scroll through my email on my phone while smoking my first cigarette of the day. The dog scratches at the door to come in, I fill my 20 oz coffee mug with freshly brewed caffeinated goodness, rinse and refill

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