Life: Just Livin’ It…

Frustrating. Amazing. Infuriating. Miraculous. Difficult. Beautiful. Unpredictable. Wonderful. Life — it’s all that and more. No two days are ever really the same. One morning everything can appear to be perfect and by mid-morning coffee the table has been turned and you’re starting all over again. There’s no way to tell from one moment to the next what’s going to be coming at you … most of the time. It definitely keeps it interesting, at least. As has become par for the course (and fairly necessary for the sake of what remains of my sanity!), I spent the weekend with

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Playin’ Catch-Up!

Got a little preoccupied with life lately and have seriously neglected this poor little blog of mine. Time to play a little catch-up! Zoloft (generic) seems to be working well for me. My anxiety is at manageable levels. Side effects are minimal. I feel relatively “normal,” whatever that may mean. I’m definitely feeling less “outsider-ish” in my own life. BONUS: I think it’s actually causing me to lose weight. That could be a negative side effect, I suppose, but since I had been trying to drop some weight anyway, I’m just lovin’ it! I opted to stay on 50 mg

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